Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Unmanned Aircraft System UAS-X1 is based on blended wing body modular airframe. Our idea was to design innovative civil multifunctional system with outstanding performance in its class. We pushed special emphasis on aerodynamics, electric propulsion and lowest possible T/O weight with long endurance capabilities.

Airframe is manufactured with an extensive use of CAD/CAM technology and composite materials. It is capable of accomplishing the most demanding missions in difficult conditions.

 UAS-X1 is multifunctional platform, which can carry many different payloads depending on mission requirements, its standard equipment are two video cameras.          

System specifications:


  • Cruise speed - 25 [m/s]  
  • Minimum speed - 19 [m/s] 
  • Maximum level speed - 45 [m/s] 
  • T/O weight - 15 [kg] 
  • Endurance - 2 h
  • Power - 900 [W]
  • Wing area - 0,81 [m2]
  • Wing span - 3.75 [m]
Data link:
  • XBee comunication protocol for mission control
  • Wireless internet connection for video transfer
  • Range up to 10 km
Ground  station:
  •  laptop computer
  • 15'' display for mission control and observation
  • own power supply